Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Lil Man

Yall will figure out that my lil boy is my life. He is so funny now that he think he can do things on his own without anybody help. I just miss when he was a baby he was so cute and precious and all he did was eat smile and sleep. Now he likes to walk everywhere hit people if he can and fuss with people even though you can understand what he's saying. But I love him here's some pics of him from when he was a baby in the hospital til recently...

 So cute at the hospital everyone came to visit him taking pics. Yea he is very loved

 We are still Roll Tide his tete Ash put that sticker on his face her blog is called

He looks just like his mommy lol
 He has the most beautiful smile.....
 He's a rockstar with his little guitar but thats my baby
He loves Spongebob thats all he say now is spongebob and the daddy song...ughh lol


  1. oh my goodness! your lil man is gorgeous! the hair, those cheeks!

  2. awww supper cute i love his lil sponge bob outfit x

  3. Your son is adorable!!!

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    xo Madison Theresa

  4. Aww thanks Im so new to this I dont know what to do and need help so any help would really be appreciated. I'm also following you guys blogs